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Good stuff, but with some reservations.

I really love the vintage style OXKnit products offer. I really like this sweater. But I think OXKnit has some work to do in terms of delivery of service. First of all, I ordered this nice army green sweater you see here, but that's not what I received. I got the version of this sweater in black. It's nice in black too, so I kept it and ordered another one in green. I will find out if I will finally get the green version when the order arrives. Supposedly that will happen today.

But this brings me to another point about OXKnit. They ship their products from China, which probably has something to do with their ability to offer them for such reasonable prices. This makes the shipping process very slow. That 7-16 window is preceded by a sometimes-lengthy prep phase--and not just when certain items are out of stock, which is usually the reason they give. For example, I ordered a Men's Retro Style Green Knitted Long Sleeve shirt, and they shipped it quickly. That was November 14. Today is December 4. The shirt is still bouncing around in the mail somewhere. And the deplorable Chukou1 site has been remarkably vague about its whereabouts for most of the journey. Apparently it will arrive at some point in the next, I'm guessing, week. It's about a thirty-minute drive from me at present, being sorted by the folks at a USPS hub that has lost packages of mine on many previous occasions. Now, the follies of the USPS are not OXKnit's fault. But that they don't ship larger orders with a better international service for speedier delivery: that is. In a world where things like speed matter, this is something they should care more about. It makes for happier customers. Some of their products are available via Amazon.com; I would urge them to get as many products in as many styles as possible in warehouses that have services like Prime, however much I may detest Jeff Bezos for his union-busting, monopolizing, and ill-treatment of factory workers.

Bottom line: these products are lovely, and as a child of the 1970s, I love them; they're reasonably priced, they look great, what I have gotten from them is well-made and comfortable and fits nicely--these are, in short, good products. But an order place on November 14 should not be floating around in the mail on December 4--not in 2023 (almost 2024). And when I order an army green sweater, I should GET an army green sweater, not a black sweater in the same style. This is a really cool company. They just need to get their act together in some ways. Call this a four-plus star review for product quality, docked (and docked charitably) for the kinds of sorting and shipping issues I have recounted here.

I loved that one, but actually had to change the order as that item was sold out!

Love it!

It's warm, and super soft. Fits me perfectly. I am 5'6 and a bit chubby and the small is the right fit for me.

Green knit polo

I liked it so much I bought another one. Good quality and different.

Men's Blue Knitted Polo Off White V-Neck
Timothy Smith (Atlanta, US)
Speed Racer!

Horrible. You will look like Speed Racer. Over-sized collar, decent knitting, but I won't ever wear it to find out how long it lasts. Halloween costume level comical looking. ALSO, took over a month to arrive.


I love my shirt! Definitely order 2 sizes bigger, it fits like a dream!


j'aime beaucoup cette veste. julien

Awesome shirt

I was a little worried about the sizing but I order Xl and it fit just right! Have had lots of compliments about it!

Buyer Protection
Christopher cleland
Happy Chappy.

Great Top. Confortable to wear, size M perfect fit with ample room. Just bought another in a Different Colour. Thumbs up.

Fits great and get lots of compliments

The shirt fits well and every time I wear it I get compliments on it.

Love it

Is nice to wear, comfortable and fits well will buy more

Pulls everywhere poorly fitted shirt

Shirt sucks

Excellent products

Men's Black Knitted Solid T-Shirt
lawrence brown (Fort Worth, US)
yes yes

Very sexy luv it

Men's Dark Blue Polo With Green Gradient
lawrence brown (Fort Worth, US)
old school vibe

luv the quality of it


Luv it size just right quality very very impressed have already placed a NEW ORDER!

Men's Light Blue Knit Polo With Jacquard Panel
Richard peter (National City, US)
Save your money

Take my advice and save your money


fits great! Love it! good quality. Took while to receive.

Sizing way off

According to your size recommendation after I entered my height and weight, I should wear a XXL. It’s like a dress on me. It’s HUGE. The arms are 3 or 4 inches past my hands and the bottom is halfway to my knees.

Terrible quality. No response from customer circus. Disputed on my credit card. No response from company (no surprise). Got credit! Shirt in garbage!

Soft and cozy

I love this sweater. I got M so it's more fitted. I normally get L but still happy. It's so soft. I'm 5'9 with a long torso, so I find shirts tend to be shorter on me. This is perfect though. I plan on buying more sweaters from here

Men's Blue & Brown Knitted Button Polo
Thomas LaFore (Denver, US)

Awesome shirt. Good quality.

Followed up on return thank you

I ordered a shirt a while back issue w delivery.
Company promised to resolve situation and the post office messed up the delivery again
However shirt arrived today and I’m happy
Apologies for previous poor review
You guys did as promised and I like the shirt
Thank you

Lightning Sweater

I have only worn my sweater once, but fits perfectly. Got so many compliments on it. Well made, good fit, plus it has lightning ⚡️.

Buyer Protection
Ana Méndez Lameiro

Encantada con mi jersey nuevo!!